08 Jul

Hello friends – I have just returned from a vacation visiting family and friends. How rejuvenating it is to convene and laugh with those I love. Robin recently shared a phrase with us in the chat, from a Rumi poem,  

If there were no rose garden, where
would the morning breezes go?”

We have just experienced the Rose season here in the northeast. Roses do hold a special place. My mother, a Roman Catholic, was devoted to St. Theresa of Lisieux who was said to shower prayerful followers with Roses. Roses became her flower and part of her journey as she managed health challenges. 

 I have been drawn to Roses through Mom, embracing them on my own. A favorite city, Portland Oregon, known as the Rose City, has a beautiful and lush public rose garden. I was fortunate to spend time within this amazing space and take in it's wonder and aromas. 

Interestingly, my daughter who is getting married next year, just decided to move the location of her wedding to the Rose Garden which resides here in my town. Known as Elizabeth Park, it is the oldest municipal Rose Garden in the US and it is magnificent.  I often wished we might celebrate someday at this garden  and am glad to the roses will be welcomed into this exciting event. 

We had many roses at the home in which we raised our family. Each year for Mother’s Day my husband would buy me a rose plant. They thrived with color and aroma!  When we sold this house 3 years ago, I was sad to leave my gardens and the beautiful roses.

I decided to take a pink rose bush with us, planting it in our first rental home. Unfortunately,  we had to move again a year later and sadly, my pink rose plant didn't survive this next transplant.  I was initially devastated. 

But, the pain of this loss passed. I realized, my memories are special, and I will hold the image of all the beautiful roses, recall their bright scents, the feelings I had when I was around them and know they will always be a part of me.  So, I attempt to remember the roses of my home, the sentiment that brought them to me and the many roses that cross my path as I move through my days. Just For Today, I will hold a grateful heart for these roses. Each one seems magical, and I honestly do stop and smell as many as I am able! 

I am thrilled that our upcoming wedding with be among the roses. It will be exquisite and will keep my mom’s spirit, vibrant and present with as we celebrate. I am grateful to have been introduced to this  beautiful Rumi poem, which flows with images of nature, compassion and love.  


to the new stories that begin every day.
If light were not beginning again in the east,
I would not now wake and walk out inside this dawn.”  RUMI

…and I will continue to appreciate the roses and the glory that surrounds.  What I need is right in front of me, when I pay attention.

Where do you finding beauty in your life?

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