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My name is Gina Ferrara. I have been a dancer for a lifetime, a therapist for over 30 years and currently an energy practitioner. Odonata Reiki offers you the opportunities for health and joy through Reiki, Vibrational Healing and Dance/Movement. I am a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Master of Vibrational Healing and Reiki and a Rainbow Reiki practitioner. I am currently offering Virtual Reiki Sessions. In-person services hopefully coming soon! Please use the contact form to inquire about sessions and introductory pricing.

Welcome, your journey toward peace.



Reiki sessions utilizing Usui And Rainbow Reiki techniques. You and I will share the path toward relaxation, healing and growth. Session length is based on your needs and wishes! Please use the contact form for further information and pricing.

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Vibrational healing using Tibetan bowls to guide the recipient into deep relaxation. This is the state where true healing can occur. The bowls are beautiful, offer unique and intense sound quality, and send out vibrations to soothe and heal.

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Body movement can help harmonize the body and mind, provide a creative outlet, and push through emotional blocks. Working with or without music, one can create moving poetry or meditation as well as exploring a fun path to fitness.

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Move and Release- Grounding Cord Meditation

Move and Release- Grounding Cord Meditation

Movement prepares the body for grounding and meditation. This meditation begins with gentle stretches and glides into an imagery of release. By creating a psychic grounding cord, excess negative energy can filter away from the mind and body into the earth, helping to alleviate anxiety, stress and leading to balance. Music by Chris Collins cradles us in the process.

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Inner Golden Light Meditation

Inner Golden Light Meditation

This Inner Golden Light meditation truly brings the focus inside. By visualizing and sensing golden energy, we will find internal calm and relaxation. The aim is to achieve relaxation, peace and acceptance

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Reiki Healing Energy

Learn about Reiki, Universal Life Force Energy, and it’s guiding principles.

Vibrational Healing

Understand the powerful vibrations created with Tibetan bowls.

Rediscovering Dance and Movement.

Movement is life! Explore joy by discovering this ancient and valuable practice.

Reiki, What?

The energy healing with the funny name, explained


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