Reiki, What?

I  am often giddy with excitement. That is because I am a Reiki practitioner and am flooded with the joy and good fortune that my life with Reiki has become. Some of you are familiar with the term, Reiki. Others say, what? There is nothing like getting an actual “treatment session” for insight into this energy but here is a brief verbal attempt.

Reiki means “life force or spiritual energy”. It is a Japanese practice for relaxation and healing that was developed about a century ago, by Mikao Usui. The power of Reiki was bestowed upon him. as a spiritual seeker and he created a practice of utilizing the energy for healing.

Usui has offered the tools to access healing energy for the highest and greatest good of the recipients. It is a simple practice that requires the participant to be open to the experience and take in this “magic”.

The practitioner is a conduit of the energy. Reiki can be directed but also has the ability to go to the area that requires the healing at that moment. In a contradictory manner, Reiki is powerful but gentle. It cannot harm. Reiki promotes the natural processes of life.

 Reiki can be administered in person or remotely. Both are effective and this was clearly demonstrated during the pandemic. I worked through the phone, through zoom or simply remotely to people all over the country.

Reiki has many levels of training and is easy to learn. I have been trained as a Usui Master and have just embarked on a journey of Rainbow Reiki which was devised by Walter Lübeck, a German healer, who based his extensive system on the Usui method. Reiki sessions can be brief, or over an hour for more intensive healing. Rainbow Reiki is able to provide effective treatment in a shorter period, approximately 30 minutes. As Mr. Lübeck has, William Rand, and other Reiki Masters have been able to expound upon Usui’s work and added powerful additions to Usui’s Reiki practice.

You can accept Reiki lying down or seated in a chair. The recipient decides the level of comfort including accepting touch or no touch treatment — treating the aura is powerful as well! All the recipient has to do is relax and take in the wonder of the energy. The practitioner places their hands in a series of positions around the body. Though the energy can flow with great power, the receiver will gain a feeling of calm and peace.

Mikao Usui imparted 5 Reiki principles which I like to refer to as the Reiki Prayer. It begins with “Just for today” and can be seen as a roadmap for daily life, keeping the focus on maintaining simple strategies for a happy, grounded existence.

The 5 Reiki Principles


-I will not anger

-I will not worry

-I will be grateful

-I will work with diligence

-I will be kind to myself and all beings

i recite these many times a day for grounding.

Reiki is awesome! My life utilizing Reiki is more pointed and makes more sense. I am able to find peace at the moments when I need it most. So as I said at the outset, I do find myself giddy. Reiki is profound and truly needs to be experienced to understand how one can be graced by this energy. This is just an introduction to the amazing power of Reiki healing. There is so much more to share. Stay tuned for more insights. Or better yet, check it out for yourself!