Reiki is an energy healing technique. The practitioners palms are initiated to receive the energy (which comes from the universe). When the palms are placed on or near the body, the energy or Ki,  is drawn into the recipient. The Ki will dissolve blockages and provide a free flow of energy within the receiver. The energy will go to where it is needed for “the highest and greatest good” of that person/animal/plant etc. Since Reiki uses energy, it is also used as a distant or virtual technique. You may receive Reiki no matter where your practitioner is located in the universe!
Reiki sessions can vary in length depending on the situation. The receiver of Reiki is fully clothed, lying or seated, eyes open or closed. The receiver decides to accept the energy using hands on or above the body (or to receive at a distance when practitioner and client are in different spaces). There are a wide range of potential sensations during a session. Tingling, temperature changes, images are common but many more are subtle and may not be detected. Overall, a Reiki session is a relaxing experience. 
Promotes deep relaxation
Triggers healing
Can alleviate or guide in managing pain
Restores mind/body balance
Helps manage stress levels
Promotes restful sleep
Can never harm
Works for the highest and greatest good of the receiver
Can help to clear energetic blockages

There is nothing like experiencing Reiki through an individual sessions or a group experience.  Attending a group healing session is an easy way to learn and find out what the Reiki excitement is all about!  At Odonata Reiki, there are frequent group  experiences which are open to anyone, virtual and in person and frequently free of charge. Check out the Events page!