Ready to become Reiki Certified? Contact me to sign up for the class waiting list Reiki Attunements with Class trainings offer access to Reiki Healing Energy for life. Ready to deepen your Reiki practice? Sign up for Reiki Mentoring. Monthly Plans available.

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There are 3 levels of Reiki Training. For more information on Reiki Certification Classes/Trainings, CLICK HERE.

Level I (Shoden) introduces Reiki and provides the basis for channeling energy for yourself and those around you.

Level II (Okuden) is the practitioner level and provides the opportunity to offer distance (remote, virtual) healing.

Level III - (Shinpiden) is the Master level, offering additional tools for Energy access and enables you to teach Reiki to others.

Level 1 and Level 2 are being offered in 2024- see below for Virtal and In Person Options. 
Reach out for information on Level 3 classes.