Vibrational Healing

Discover relaxation and harmony with Vibrational Healing! We are vibrating (as is everything!) and our bodies can become out of “alignment”. Fortunately we are beautifully receptive to external sound and our very watery bodies (approximately 65% ) conduct sound well, sending healing energy to every cell. This is the power of sound. Think of the intensity of a mantra or the experience of a live music concert. The feeling of the  vibrations is visceral. Sound can blend with our own inner vibration to raise our body’s frequency and promote balance, harmony and relaxation. Vibrational healing is multi dimensional and can utilize a number of different tools, but this article focuses on Tibetan bowls as these are the focus of my work.

Tibetan singing bowls exist in different sizes and tones and are often hand hammered from a blend of metals. Tibetan bowls can be placed directly on or around the body, and can be easily moved around by the practitioner, creating powerful sensations. The sound of the bowls is soothing, helping to melt away stress and release blockages. For many, exposure to these vibrations trigger the ultimate relaxation response.

During a session, the participant lies down or sits in a chair with the bowls placed on and/or around the body. The practitioner can offer a full body treatment in addition to focusing on specific areas of concern. Practitioners can join together utilizing many, bowls and vibrational instruments to create a Sound Bath. This session releases a flood of harmonious sounds which envelope the participants, and is often a way for groups of people to appreciate the power of the vibrations. As well, there are resources online for enjoying audio experiences right at home, though there is no substitute for the “feeling “ of a bowl as it plays in your space.

Please check out this video from the You Tube Channel, The Mindful Minute.