28 May

Greetings friends! May morphs onto June. There are many events that I celebrate in this time- all joyous in their nature. But since losing my dad last year, I think of how I will manage what is to come. How to balance and plan and yet remain in the happiness of my present. 

I am trying to pull in all of the nuggets of positivity that each moment represents. I hold gratitude for my past, for the profound impact of my loved ones and for my experiences. I also hold a grateful heart for my past self, for hanging in there to grow and move forward when I was able. 

I now count on my inner strength to manage whatever arises - but I dampen too much anticipation. The days will unfold whether I am prepared or not. Reiki, meditation, laughter, prayer and connection all guide me. May your next moments be peaceful! Xo 🙏🫶🙌

How do you manage feelings of grief or sadness during times of joy?

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